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We are pleased to provide you with the confirmation of your reservation for the pub quiz at CAFE BAEK.
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Please ensure that your team arrives no later than 20:15 hrs. in order to complete the registration process.

The first team member is responsible for paying the complete reservation fee for your assigned table, regardless of whether you arrive with a smaller group. Please note that the entry fee must be paid in cash.

The bar staff will ensure that each table is adorned with a designated table topper bearing a team name. It is essential to note that these team and table assignments are connected to the register, and therefore, changing them is not permitted.

If you find yourself unable to attend the quiz, you have the option to cancel your reservation prior to 10:00 hrs. on the day of the event. However, please be aware that if you do not show up or cancel after 10:00 hrs., the entire reservation amount will be charged to you.